Date: Thursday 28 April 2016,
Doors 7:30pm

CARAVANA SUN (single launch)

Guests: Echo Drama + Hollow Coves

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.


Hollow Coves 8pm
Echo Drama 8.50pm
Caravana Sun 9.50pm til 11pm

$20 at the door if still available

Much has happened over the past 5 years for Caravãna Sun.

With over 500 gigs under their belts – 4 European tours (yes 4!) and 2 albums. The Sydney four piece don’t know the meaning of being idle.

The band are pleased to announce that a brand new single and album is looming large plus a bunch of live dates to boot.

Caravãna Sun headed West to Fremantle, WA and started recording album #3 with Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac/Eskimo Joe) at the helm. This April they release the first single EYE OF THE STORM from the forthcoming new album.

"Eye Of The Storm represents the struggle of leading a life away from the person you love. While frustration, anxiety and angst mask your emotions, in the depths of your heart you’ll never let go” - Luke Carra ( Vocals/Guitar)

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.